There was not coffee in that nebula

My page is a bunch of random geeky posts with some personal posts and a whole lot of Kate Mulgrew. I love all the Star Treks but Voyager is my favorite. I also love Stargate and X files so you can expect some of that and some of whatever else I find funny. I like to edit Janeway to wear random stuff like holiday stuff for my icon. If you want to see those they're under the Janeway Edits link below. Some of my most popular edits are the Naughty Noodles so there is a link to those too. I also have a vast knowledge of Star Trek jokes and pick up lines so if you ever want one just ask :) I guess that's the "about me" of my page if you wanna know about me as a person feel free to click the "more about me" link.
Finished my swants :)

Finished my swants :)

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    So these are swants! It kinda looks like you’re sagging without sagging, but they’re awesome. Haha
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    It’s just a sweater with the neck sewed up weird. My sister made them so I don’t know how she sewed it I just braided...
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    how much would it cost for a pair of this in size fat?